How Does Zoft Hoodia Gum Work?

Part II

Each piece of Zoft Hoodia Gum contains a revolutionary sustained release system that orally delivers the 120-mg blend of pure hoodia and green tea that is absorbed directly into the bloodstream.

Oral absorption is up to 90 percent effective, allowing your body to utilize all the necessary nutrients. Unlike dietary supplements taken in pill form once a day, chewing the gum constantly bombards your system, curbing your appetite, boosting your energy, and keeping your breath fresh at the same time. You can enjoy the taste and reap the benefits of the Zoft Hoodia Gum throughout the day.

For thousands of years the Bushmen of South Africa have eaten hoodia to fight off hunger during long hunting trips. For them, the appetite suppressant power of hoodia is not a question, but simply a way of life. So although the Bushmen did not do formal clinical studies, thousands of years of real world evidence proves that eating hoodia suppresses appetite.

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Amazing Zoft Hoodia Gum will help YOU lose weight fast and keep it off. You’ll feel years younger, you’ll have more energy, and your clothes will fit better.

Zoft Hoodia Gum Ingredients

Zoft Hoodia Gum contains completely natural, 100% pure South African hoodia and green tea in an easy to use gum that gives YOU real weight loss POWER!

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There are no known side-effects from hoodia.

Hoodia has been called “nature’s calcium channel blocker.” This idea refers to the ability of magnesium to block calcium from entering muscle and heart cells. A group of prescription heart medications works in a similar way, although much more powerfully.

100% natural ingredients mean NO harsh side-effects. NO need for intrusive and expensive surgery. Now YOU can lose weight the safe and easy way with New Zoft Hoodia Gum.

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Zoft Hoodia Gum

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